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Introduction :

SocialAppsApi Telegram API is a web service to send a message in Telegram and using this service you can simply add messages sending feature in Telegram network cable with a few lines of code writing to your software using your favorite programming language and without involving complex issues (such as MTProto And TL-Schema and ...).
You can add the following options to your software easily by SocialAppsApi Telegram API Webservice:

  • Sending text, audio, image, video messages, sending differed files, GeoPoint and vCard
  • The possibility of adding an unlimited number of lines to your account for sending your messages
  • Full management of your lines
  • The possibility of editing your lines profile in the Telegram network
  • Free space to upload and send files
  • Getting message delivery reports
  • Getting list of your messages by date, sender's number, recipient's number and ...
  • And many more...
Just get to work and simply add message sending feature in Telegram to your application!

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